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Yuri Musing 2 - Window
Grace hid in the bushes of the MacGregger household. She picked up a small rock and tossed it against the window.  There were no signs that the window would open so he picked up another rock and tossed it as well. Again no  answer. She ran a hand through her short crew cut hair getting annoyed. *Damnit*. She picked up a slightly larger rock and threw it. As if for the pure sake of comedic timing. The window slid up and the rock went through the tiniest opening
"Ow!" Grace cursed herself for her impatience. Out into the moonlight came Danielle MacGregger, her long ginger hair shimmering in the moonlight along with her golden cross necklace. She searched the ground looking for her assailant. Her voice was soft as to not alarm her parents, but still loud enough to be angry as hell "Who the hell is out there"
Grace came out into the moonlight, her arms in a dramatic pose "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, an-" she was stopped as a rock b
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Yuri Musing 1
The two girls sat quietly next to eachother at the foot of the bed, both curled up in PJ's, sharing a blanket. The room was darkened except for the glow of the TV. Casey knew that they had put on some romantic comedy, but she couldn't keep focused on it. She had decided that this night she would admit her feelings to her best friend Rebecca. Her mind was in a flurry over how she was supposed to pull this off.
Every so often she would sneak looks over to her friend, most of the time she ducked away before she'd notice, but a few times she would catch her, smile and then turn back to the movie. The night was getting late and if she waited to long, then they'd go to bed. Yet another failed attempt. She sighed, gathering as much courage as she could before timidly speaking up "H-Hey... Becc-"
"Wow!" she said, cutting off Casey " I didn't see that coming"
"W-What. What happened?"
Becca rolled her eyes looking back at her friend "You know the guys girlfriend, the one he had planned to propos
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A Day at Irelands House Pt 2 :icondiscet:Discet 0 5
A Day at Irelands House
Authors Notes
So this is my first Hetalia Fanfiction so it's probably pretty bad. So this Fanfiction is largely inspired by this picture so use it as a visual reference for the characters. Except for North Ireland who is a girl. So I'll probably have later fics with the same OC's. Anyway enjoy ^_^
A Day At Irelands House
Part 1
Ireland was in the kitchen, he was preparing some potatoes for the coming day. A lot more then usual, today he was having company. He was having his brothers and sisters over for the first time in months. He didn't live in a large house, it was very modest for a nation as old as his. It had a kitchen, a den(which connected to the kitchen), a small bedroom and a bathroom. He also had a small attic where he had some storage. He had spruced it up moving the boxes and replacing them with some mattresses. He was prepared if his family wanted to stay over he was prepared.
He heard a knock at the d
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This is the prologue of Civilization a Eulogy, my first novel. Sorry that I am submitting this as a journal, but the submission process for writing stuff on this website is frustrating beyond belief. In any case, I hope this is interesting for someone. 

Civilization a Eulogy


Everything must have a beginning

1:50 P.M. June 13, 2007 A.D.

    I kicked my feet over the ledge of the two story building, the top half belonging to my family. There was a small grass courtyard next to the building, and an empty apartment below; so no one but that old land lady would ever bother my mom and grandpa.

    Well… that used to be the case anyways. A couple of days ago a big family moved in downstairs. There was at least ten, if not twenty of them… of course my mom said most of them was just something called ‘movers’ but I doubted it. What kind of idiot would move heavy things if they weren’t going to live there!

    I let out a sigh, it was so boring today. Usually I’d go out and have fun around the neighborhood but my mom grounded me for giving old man Chang a heart attack. I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know that he had a ‘heart condition’? Or that my little poppers would set it off? I mean really…

    So here I am, summer vacation after my first year of stupid school and I’m wasting it her when I could be having some real fun with a coffee house and some curdled milk. If that wasn't bad enough, the heat was killer. Apparently, our air conditioning had been broken since before I was born. I tell mom we have to get it fixed but she says we don’t have the money, and I tell Seanathair (that’s Grandpa by the way) but he tells me to suck it up, that a little heat wasn’t going to kill me. He’s so mean sometimes…

    Anyways I was just watching people on the street at this point. Random people going about their stupid lives, without me to liven up their dull existence. Mom was working today, but when I tried to watch TV Seanathair locked me out of the house, told me I’d be able to have more than enough fun out here. Stupid old man. Bored by the people in the street I looked down in the courtyard, maybe watching grass grow would be more fun. I was surprised to see someone else down there. Another girl about my age was sitting there, cross legged on the ground, messing with the grass on the ground. I watched her for a few minutes as she just plucked away at the grass.

    “Hey you!” the girl looked up from the ground, then looked up at me. She had long brown hair and chocolate eyes “Yeah you! What are you doing down there?”

      She looked unsure of herself, like maybe she shouldn’t be talking to me, “I… Um… I’m just… uhh…” ok maybe it’s that she can’t talk to anyone.

    “Well?” I asked getting impatient.

    She shook slightly like she was a grocery bag and I was some great gust of wind. “Um… well, my brothers told me to come out here, and they’d be out in a few minutes… so I’m waiting I guess…” she said pushing her two index fingers together.

    "Oh," I said dully. "Alright, I'll leave you be then." With that I went back to kicking my feet over the side of the balcony some more. Every so often I would look back down to the girl. She had gone back to plucking the grass. It was pathetic, what a boring thing for a kid to do on vacation. What was even more pathetic was that I envied her. Not that I could go down now, that would be copying. And I was no copycat!

    After a while I started to feel bad for her. It had been twenty minutes and no one had come out to join her “Hey kid!” She looked up at me again, still shaking like a twig “Are your brothers imaginary or something?”

    She stalled for a moment then smiled sadly “N-no… sometimes my brothers get annoyed with me and send me outside to play…” she said a small mournful chuckle “They always say they’ll join me but they never do…”  she rubbed something away from her eye before finishing “But don’t worry, mom always gets me for dinner, I’ll be alright”

    “Oh… Ok…” I felt something tug at my heart. Like some kid took away my ball. But it was like I was mad because someone took her ball. Weird… why would I be mad for something happening to her? I took another look at the girl; the feeling in my heart was really starting to bug me. I quickly slid out from my position on the balcony and started banging on the door “Hey Seanathair! Open the door!”

    My grandfather’s voice boomed through the door, thick with his Scottish blood “I told you before lass! I ain’t letting ya in! Now pipe down, unlike you, I can watch TV” he said with a laugh, mocking his granddaughter’s boredom.

    “Shut up you old windbag! I just want to get some water balloons!” I yelled back still banging on the door.

    “Nope, if I did that you might have fun, and we can’t have that now can we!” he said with another bit of laughter “Besides, didn’t you cause a car crash the last time you used those things?

    “Just a fender bender!” I countered.

    “And three hundred dollars”

    “Shut up! I’m not going to use it for that anyways! I’m going to play with someone in the yard!” I yelled back angrily.

    The old man was silent for a few moments before speaking again “If you have imaginary friends, you can use imaginary balloons” he wrote off simply.

    I stared angrily at the door, surely if I stared hard enough then maybe my eyes will burn into his stupid head skull of his “She’s not imaginary you old fool, she’s the new girl downstairs now let me in!”

    There was a longer silence, I was about to give up, maybe sneak into the window across the ledge, just because I broke my arm last time doesn’t mean I will this time…

    Before I started my daring plan, I heard the click of the lock being undone. The door opened up, my grandfather towering over me from behind the doorway “Hurry up now, grab your balloons, I’ll get you a bucket for them…” I smiled up at him for a few moments “well go on now!”

    I rushed into my room, grabbing my water balloons and running over to the faucet. I filled up the bucket to the top, tying them up as fast as a… balloon… tying… machine!

    As I hauled the balloons back outside I secretly hoped that the girl hadn’t moved yet. As I penguin walked down the steps with the handle to the bucket between me, I saw the girl, in her sundress still sitting on the ground. I felt my heart tug again, but that didn’t matter, it’d be gone soon enough. When I got down to the last step I let down the old plastic bucket onto the cement with a thud. I picked up a red balloon, running my fingers across the wet latex; I tossed it in the air, testing its weight. With relish I looked to the girl on the ground “Hey!”

    Slowly she turned around, just as she did so I threw the balloon, its contents exploding over the girls sundress. She sat there stunned for a few moments unsure of what just happened. “Wh… what?”

    “Come on!” I declared happily “We’re going to have a water balloon fight!”

    “But…” The girl looked around, geez she wasn’t going to call for her mom or something right? I was already grounded for forever, I didn’t need more time on top of that “I-I’ve never done that before… I’m gonna mess up…”

    I stared at her blankly, I dug another one from the bucket and ran over to her, pulling her from the ground “Well that’s the beauty of it! Just take this” I pushed the balloon into her hands and stood in front of her “Ok! Now just throw it at me” I spread my arms wide, trying to make a bigger target for the girl.

    The girl stared down at the balloon for a second “Bu- I don’t think I-”

    “That’s good! Don’t think, just throw!” I commanded. I watched her wind up, throwing the balloon weakly. The balloon actually hit my chest, but bounced off, exploding on impact with the grassy ground. We both stared at the exploded latex on the ground. I sighed, couldn’t this girl do anything right? “Now come on!” I retrieved another balloon from the bucket putting it back in her hands “Now throw it at me as hard as you can!”


    “No buts!” I said annoyed “Just think of something that makes you mad and then throw!”

    “But I don’t want to…”

    “It’s fine! Just imagine me as one of your teachers! Or some dumb bully!” She didn’t seem to change her resolve, still holding onto the balloon like it was skunk and she was scared to upset it. “Or… I don’t know… one of your dumb brother-” that got her attention, she pulled her arm back and threw, It hit me square in the face, the utter shock of both the action and the power behind it actually sent me stumbling on my butt.

    Shocked by her own anger she rushed over to my side “I… I’m s-sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! I-I-I” I stood up again looking up at her. She looked so distressed and worried, on the brink of tears really. It was like watching a concerned puppy, adorable.

    “That was awesome!” I said shaking her by her shoulders “Now keep that up and we’re gonna have some fun!” she seemed shocked by my response. “Come on! Let’s have a war!”

6:50 P.M. June 13, 2007 A.D.

    It was fun while it lasted. After we blew through the first bucket of balloons we filled more and more. By sunset we had gone through my entire water balloon supply. It was awesome! Once all the balloons were popped we just sat on the stairs and were talking about important things. What our favorite shows were, favorite colors, favorite games; you know, important stuff. She was really curious with my hair of orange, wondering if I dyed it or something; she seemed amazed that it was naturally that way.

    When the sky was a nice shade of orange I heard my grandfather’s voice calling me for dinner. Probably that awful soup again. Man I wish my mom didn’t work so late, she wasn’t the best cook but at least it was edible.

    “Well, I guess I have to go now” I stood up from the step, turning around to walk up the stairs “It was a fun day, thanks for making my grounding less boring” with that I jogged up the stairs to have that awful soup.

    Before I made it to the top step I heard the girl’s soft voice “W-Wait…” I turned on my heel at the last step looking down at her, she was twiddling her thumbs nervously, refusing to make eye contact with me. “Um… well…”

    “Yeah?” I asked curious.

    “Well… um” she bit her lip slightly “W… would it be a-alright if we w-were… friends?” she finished, all but staring straight at her feet. From my angle I could only see her chocolate hair

    I chuckled at first then laughed outright, she looked up confused at my reaction, I shook my head, forcing a serious face on “What a stupid question” I could see some tears start to appear at the corners of her eyes, bringing her hands to cup her eyes “I decided we were going to be friends when I threw that water grenade at you! I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t realize that!” she looked back up once again surprised, her tears stopped. A smile cracked through my serious face grinning wide “So no need to cry, alright!” The girl just stared for a few moments, until her lips curled into a smile and she turned away. That’s when I realized something “Hey wait one more sec” The girl turned around again, now it was her turn to be confused “What’s your name? Mine’s Shay.”

    The girl smiled “My name is Melody, Melody DeBari”

    “Melody… that’s a pretty name”




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